Contest "Tunjukkan Bakat Anda" - blog ery farieha

Show Your Talent" Contest by Ery Fafieha's Blog

This "Show Your Talent" Contest are open to all bloggers.
This contest requiring a blogger to create a HEADERDER. for Ery Fafieha's Blog
ok, here I go.

Terms & Conditions :
1) Contestant must be a Ery Fafieha's Blog follower.
2) Create a post about this "Show Your Talent" Contest and Show off your creation.

3) Put above banner to your blog sidebar and link it to
4) Put those pictures below into your created Header.

5) The size of the Header is up tou contestan, but bigger size is most recommended.
6) The Hearder must contain "BLOG ERY FARIEHA" or "ERY FARIEHA" Name.
7) Put the link into your created header.
8) Lastly, Post a comment to this entry.

The Prize:
Will be announce later.

Due Date: 1st MAY 2010
note : The most beautiful Header in my sight will get an expensive prize.

And Below Is MrTipso's Entry:

Jpeg format

Gif format

2 Response to Contest "Tunjukkan Bakat Anda" - blog ery farieha

  1. uhh
    kenape x komen kt entry contest tu?
    nsb baik perasan

  2. Hehe, baru nak post comment :P

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