Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Workstation Boot CD

Acronis® Backup & Recovery™ 10 Workstation is the next generation of the Acronis True Image disaster recovery product for small enterprise environments. Built to protect the intellectual property that resides in business desktops and laptops, Acronis® Backup & Recovery™ 10 Workstation combines optimized data protection and ease-of-use. It creates an exact disk image of your office workstation and backs up the operating system, applications, key data files and folders.

Acronis simplifies system restores. Users can perform self-service recoveries of files and folders in moments without administrator intervention. Even an entire Windows® system can be restored in minutes using the Acronis one-click restore feature.

Acronis® Backup & Recovery™ 10 Workstation comes with flexible scheduling and event-based triggering to cater to the most demanding user environments.

Key Features

* Event-based backup: Backups can be set to occur based on preset events and conditions such as a new program installation or the addition of a large volume of new data to the system.
* Comprehensive recovery options: OS, applications and all data can be fully recovered in minutes, instead of hours or days.
* Unique Acronis® Secure Zone™ and Startup Recovery Manager simplifies recoveries: Recover directly from a secure partition on the local hard drive on Startup without having to carry boot media.
* Advanced encryption technology ensures data security: Provides the extra data protection you need with supplied industry-standard algorithms or your own customized variants.
* Advanced backup scheduling with policy-based management: Develop backup plans that work with a company’s daily routines and each employee’s work styles. The scheduled tasks will be launched systematically, keeping the critical data safely protected.

Top Benefits

* Flexible backup storage for mobile users: Back up a laptop to a variety of storage devices and locations, including the Acronis® Secure Zone™, a partition on the laptop.
* Minimize downtime and improve user productivity: With Acronis Backup & Recovery 10, the contents of the hard drive contents including the operating system, applications and data can be fully recovered in minutes, instead of hours or days.
* Acronis® AdvantageSM support and maintenance program: The Acronis® AdvantageSM program is an enhanced, multi-level subscription-based support and maintenance program. The first year of Acronis Advantage is included in the license price.
* Intuitive user interface and workflow minimizes training requirements: Users can restore files, folders and even their workstation without administrator assistance or extensive training.

Supported OS:

* Windows 2000 SP (Service Pack) 4+
* Windows XP SP2+ x32 and x64 Editions
* Windows Vista all SP x32 and x64 Editions
* Windows 7

Released: August 20, 2009
Language: English

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