Run Multiple Yahoo Messenger (YM) 8 And 9 Simultaneously

Lots of my friends ask me, How to log in to multiple Yahoo Messenger?? Well today I'm going to share how to run & log in to multiple yahoo messengers, how? of cause by editing some windows registry, ok enough talk, lets do it~

You need to download this registry file YM8Multiple, not to worry, virus is sell separately, hehe joking~ this is FREE!!

After download it, double-click it, click 'Yes' & 'Yes' & you done!!

But if you’re not happy with the patch or it causes errors, download the uninstaller – YM8Uninstaller

4 Response to Run Multiple Yahoo Messenger (YM) 8 And 9 Simultaneously

  1. pe yg bestnye ym ni?

  2. best? best woooo~ bleh chating~ men webcam~ dpt virus hohoh~ chating dgn awek kat dlm bilik~ hehe

  3. Faarihin says:

    singgah sini tuan umah..
    mana satu blog utama kamu ni?.. (^__^)

  4. to Faafihin: this blog is my main blog, hehe

    to 5225: Dui bu qi 5225, "一起加油吧 "?

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