P1 WIMAX (W1MAX) 1.2MB vs TMNet Streamyx 1MB Review

Close to over a decade ago, a time when local calls were (nearly) free and i could logon to local BBS at 9.6kbps the whole night playing LORD, through the days when the Internet required Trumpet Winsock, to the bittorrents and youtube net life of today, i’ve pretty much stayed with TMNet as my ISP. Since it’s raya break and i’ve got time to burn i’m giving another local broadband provider a spin.

P1 is PacketOne, a subsidiary of greenpacket, which recently premier-ed WIMAX services in Malaysia. The WIMAX device offered is a black square brick, small enough for a home but probably not one for carrying around. Experience is pretty much plug and play, which i gathered means the device is pre-configured when i signed up with P1. So, on to the tests -

Test #1 – Speeding Around the World … technically.

A comparison of results -

For streamyx i could barely get the London server to start and it crawled to the result above. In any case even if it’s 1MB vs 1.2MB it’s obvious who’s the clear winner. Speed test can vary but no matter how you see it, Streamyx is just pure congested and nearly twice as slow for me.

Winner : P1 w1max

Test #2 – Download a file on the web

64MB Apple iTunes download at

  • P1 W1MAX | 1.2MB | 8 min 23 sec
  • TMNet Streamyx | 1MB | 35 min 25 sec

Consistent with Test 1, the P1 download was over 4x faster.

Winner : P1 w1max

Test #3 – Streaming on youtube

Loading a ~5 minute clip at

  • P1 W1MAX |1.2MB 1 min | 29 sec
  • TMNet Streamyx | 1MB | 2 min 37 sec
Youtube streaming on Streamyx has often been choppy. So much so that it’s common practise among my friends to press pause, make coffee, fry an egg and take a bath before streaming the vid. Your results might vary but i have to say streaming on the P1 line was great.

Winner : P1 w1max

Test #4 – Bittorrent

Download a 25MB torrent at

Below is a snapshot of a 25MB download in utorrent, give and take 10kB/s to the Down Speed. This is on a fresh install of utorrent – no tweaking of any settings. It’s common knowledge that TMNet bandwidth throttle on torrents.

  • P1 W1MAX | 1.2MB | 4 min 11 sec | 110kB/s Down
  • TMNet Streamyx | 1MB | 29 min 45 sec | 15kB/s Down

Winner : P1 w1max

Test #5 – Pricing and Bundles

With P1 you’re getting 1.2Mbps/500Kbps for RM99 at 12-month contract and RM89 at 24-Month contract

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9 Response to P1 WIMAX (W1MAX) 1.2MB vs TMNet Streamyx 1MB Review

  1. a3d says:

    biase la cmni mse mule2...
    streamyx pn dlu leh kalahkan jaring..
    nnti bile bandwith p1max dh mkin besar, tgk la laju mne lak..ekekeke

  2. bes je..tapi tgu taun depan ah..tgu aku balek uma dlu br pasang..huhu

  3. da byk kali dtg klik cni, tp susah nk tgl pesan kt shoutbox. lmbt jeee nk kuar. oho.
    - internet nih mmg slow yg amat!
    -hav a nice day~

  4. Es Zack says:

    Laju pun tapi takde coverage kat tempat aku ni takkan aku nak register kot. Pay for nothing. Tapi tunggu la ramai user nanti, tengok congested ke tak. For me, this comparison isn't fair enough...

  5. a3d: haha nnti P1 dah nek, ade lg internet provoder yg baru kuar hoho

    Nia: haha pasang skang la, hehe

    Silent: pkai broadband ke? try wat firefox broadband optimize kat post iez

    Zack: jgn tunngu org ramai pkai, nnti lmbab, try bg detail lokasi tmpat ko kat wen P1, nnti dia bg tau klu tmpat ko dah ade coverage.

    to all: thks 4 comment~

  6. nasron95 says:

    ak tk nk lah menuduh ke
    nk berbangga.......
    streamyx kt rmh ak 1mbps
    donlot 100mb file 8-11minit
    speed max 230kb/s....
    klau pagi dlm 190-210kb/s
    laju bro.....
    tp satu jew ak plg benci
    nk mapus kt streamyx nie....
    tgh ari mmg tk bleh mem....
    data kt dsl tk menyala.....
    hny malam sahaja bleh digunakan
    dan sentiasa timeout

  7. nasron95 says:


    ni result streamyx 1mbp/s

  8. Streamyx ni tgk tmpak gak, klu blockage dia sikit, maka laju lah dia, klu rmai yg pkai, bandwith kene la kongsi2 so lmbab la dia~
    ekceli~ 100mb 8-11 minit tu, average jek, bkan nak blagak tp, just nak kongsi aku punye speed 1gb 8-11 minit~ :)

  9. Ed09 says:

    Bro.. Boleh cerita tak camna download torrent sampai 100kbps pakai P1 pakej 1.2. Wa pun pakai P1 jugak tapi tak dapat pun camtu. paling kuat pun 30kbps je. itu pun nasib-nasib.

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