Connect To Internet Using Maxis Phone

Finally, I've made it, last week it was a failure but today it's really working. Here the sory, I have manage to connect to internet using Maxis Portable Internet Service through *100# and the connection is superb! 1.0Mbps (superb for me la) because I encounter no slow page loading. Below is the screenshot:

The screenshot is kinda blur, maybe I've mess up with my Photoshop web save hoho, anyway, as you can see there my connection speed.. Well, for people who already use this service, this is just 4 words for you're guys "Shut The Fuck Up!", I'll just wanna share this to dudes & gals out there who doesn't know about this service.

THE FEE I'm using right now is RM2 for 1 Hour and limited to 100Mb download, but there plenty more option there, just check it up yourself by dialing up *100#.

Note: This post is written at 6.45 a.m in the middle of damn morning, goin to continue my sleep, See ya guys.

2 Response to Connect To Internet Using Maxis Phone

  1. aslina says:

    i`ve tried it yesterday. coz emergency to online and topup celcom broadband via online banking.

    nice one la maxis provide this one hour service at minimum cost of RM2. really useful for a short emergency online to log on to online banking service.


  2. well done~ hehe, the speed is more than enough right~ hehe

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