Maxis Broadband Suck?? This Is What I Say

I've receive a lots of my friends piss off about their Wireless Broadband Provider, most of it is Maxis Broadband, so today I am going to reveal what in the hell is I am thinkin' about Slow Wireless Broadband Services. Here is what i thought:

Don't blame Them 100%, in fact all the wireless broadband provider are the same, don’t your think so?

For my experiences in wireless industrial, you will never constantly get 70% of your packages that you subscribe, the limitation is :

1) Wireless Devices (known as CPE, Customer Premise Equipment)
Lack of power to transmit signal back to the station

2) blockage
During sent and received data, wireless broadband speed is very much depend
on the location of you CPE, the more object being block, the slower the
speed that you will get

3) bandwidth Sharing
broadband speed is share among all the user per station or per area
the more user use the same station or at same area, the slower the speed
that you will get

in general, all the broadband provider are having the same issues which is technology is yet to mature, expensive of broadband equipment, expensive of internet bandwidth. by charge a small fees to end user like us, to be honest, they are making lost, but to end user, feel like cheating

No matter which provider (wired or wireless) your subscribe, all you need is luck…

So, guys, you better check the coverage of those Broadband first before you subscribe.

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