Slipsteam the RAID/SATA drivers to the XP Setup and create an updated driver setup disc

I would recommend that if possible use a CD-RW for your work unless of course you don't mind throwing a CD in case something mess up !

Opening :
Even with the existance of Windows Vista, XP nonetheless is still the choice of OS for a lot of people for now. But because of how old XP is to date and with the emerging of new technologies, the original drivers that came with the XP Setup itself is almost obsolete.

To cut the crap short, laptop doesn't have a floppy drive and XP is unable to load SATA/RAID drivers from another location besides floppy. Of course, not all laptop BIOSes can enable native SATA to emulate PATA hence the existance of this guide. So the only ways to install XP on your ub3r new laptop that runs SATA HDD would be to update the driver database in XP Setup itself.

This is Also a Solutions for Unable to Downgrade Vista to XP

Tools needed :

How-to :
First of all, copy the contents of your CD to a working path, in this case i'll use C:\WINXP

Download DriverPack BASE from the link above as well as DriverPack MassStorage. Extract the BASE pack into a new folder and put the MassStorage pack you downloaded into the DriverPacks folder.

If the setting is grey out like the image below :

The solution : DO NOT extract the downloaded files into DriverPacks folder. Leave intact as is (i.e. copy that archive into DriverPacks folder). The DPs_BASE will automatically do the extraction. See the image below :

If you do it right, you can have the selection as below

Execute DPs_BASE.exe and use the installation platform selected to disc. Browse to the XP working directory you copied from the CD just now, in my case C:\WINXP earlier. Select the DriverPacks list that will appear after loading the working directory and put a check mark on DriverPack MassStorage. Put a tick in the box which says "DriverPack MassStorage text mode". Leave all the other settings as it is if you don't know what is it for.

After you're done with everything, hit the SlipStream! button and wait for the process to finish. The process should finish in around 10 minutes. After the slipstream process is finish, proceed by downloading CDIMAGE GUI. Extract and run the application, only change the "Root DIR" to your working directory in my case C:\WINXP and the "Iso file Path" to where you want to save the ISO file generated.

Select the boot.img file to load the bootable image into the ISO file.

Leave all other settings intact as it should unless you know what its doing, after that in Creation section click Start Generate ISO, and wait..

After the ISO file is generated, burn it with any burning software to a CD and proceed with booting the setup. Your SATA hard drive should be recognised now without the need to press F6 and load drivers.

The DriverPack should contain most SATA/RAID device drivers so it should work on most computers.

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