I am Healhty Now

Assalammualaikum my dear friends,
I like to apologize for being 'gone' for a long time, it's almost 3 month I have leave this blog without any updates, that is because I have to go for something important.
A pic above is the pic of my bed, I have outstretched all days long until now, i was very happy to have a chance to come back to my own blog that I've leave to long without updates.

My friends, i like to explain to you what happen to me but I don't even have the guts to remember it, so be pleasure to redirect to this link, ant it's will explain more to you, thanks.

9 Response to I am Healhty Now

  1. cikeYda says:

    alhamdulillah u da sehat..
    well.. u sakit apa ar?? sampai 3 bulan??
    anyway.. take care babe..

  2. gee..thks cikeYda, how sweet, thks again, erm am suffer a alzheimer decease, u can googling it, huhu thks again.

  3. cikeYda says:

    alzheimer secara basic yg i taw fatal brain disease kan..

    cam na u ble sakit ni?? keturunan ya??

    well.. im sabahan..

  4. to cikeYda, ya u rite, bukan keturunan, doc says iEz ni workaholic sgt, byk berfikir, maklum la iEz keje designer, deadline chaser huhu... about this blog pun iEz totally forgot untul my sister reminding me, huhu

    waa.. nice to have a new sabahan friends.

  5. Anonymous says:

    alhamdulillah bro dah sihat....

  6. yurp, tp sehat x sehat sgt la huhu, anyway, thks faizedz.

  7. Anonymous says:

    xpe... InsyaAllah oke la nnt... ko igt axe tak...

  8. erm.. jap.. recall jap, hehe sorry sgt2 aku lupe la, blog ni pun aku lupe hehe, nasib adik aku ingatkan..hehe sory ye, sorry sgt2

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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