USB PC Lock - Prevents unauthorized people from using your computer

USB PC Lock Pro is a free ware that turns any USB Flash drive/ Pen drive into a key that prevents unauthorized people from using your computer. USB PC Lock will automatically lock your computer when you disconnect USB pen drive.( Install the software on your computer not on your pen drive.)

USB PC Lock Pro comes with ten plug-ins- like mute audio, lock MSN, start / stop event logger, etc. You can select any of the features you want to enable, and choose any of the USB drive that you want to uses as a lock. And can also be setup to recognize multiple USB drives.

Download Mediafire

2 Response to USB PC Lock - Prevents unauthorized people from using your computer

  1. TERA says:

    salam pg... txde tips cara utk nk format laptop sata HD windows vista kew? tera nk format tp tk pandai la yg ni.

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