Dear my blogger friends,
I've come back after almost a week lying on sick bed, and I hope that you my friends are missed me, huhu.
About the treatment it did go well, but I'm still under treatment, because I'm in critical phase, but not to worry, huhu hopefully it go more well.

Thank to cikorkid + alien13 + eira + mamakakak + aku-ida, a lots of lovely thanks to them who care and wishing me good luck, and also to all visitors of my blog, thank you so much for supporting me.

As you know, I've missed you guys a lots, erm also to my mr.mouse, Bro Keyboard, sis Monitor, Uncle Google and Auntie Yahoo. huhu above pic is screenshot of my Google Reader, yayy!! there's a lots of post I've been miss, sorry guys.

With my long gone, and now I'm back, as I promise you, I'll bring back with some tips and solutions to you, yayy! not now but soon. Thanks

3 Response to I'VE COME BACK GUYS!!

  1. owh dear... balik jugak kamu iEz.. wow.. klu dah bleh pegang mr.mouse, mr.Keyboard dan lain2.. mesti dah sehat tu.. tapi still ke jage2 k.. kamu tu maseh dalam pemerhatian..

    p/s:-- psss iEz de nurse lawa x.. nak kenal2 bleh.. hehehe

  2. alien says:

    bro dah sihat kembali..
    jaga kesihatan tu..
    sekrang musim hujan+panas..
    byk2 minum air yer..

  3. hehe thks guys, nurse lawa2 wahaha, xnak blik!!

    btol tu alien, aku dl pntang ni, dah cam baru lpas bersalin haha

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