How To Enable Registry Editor

Brontok worm also disabling Registry Editor. When your registry is being disabled:

First, maybe the administrator disabled it for some restriction purposes

Second, due to virus. Most of the virus disabled the regedit for you to unable to stop the execution of its program.

Here are the solutions for enabling the regedit again.

Use the gpedit.msc to enable the registry editor.
Step 1: Hit the window or click startbutton then press "r" or simply click the run

Step 2: type gpedit.msc

Step 3: Click on Administrative Templates

Step 4: Click the System and locate the Prevent access to registryediting tools and double click on it

Step 5: Select the enabled on the optionbutton the click apply.

This will make a policy to prevent access to the registry editing tools, The computer will automatically made the policy.

Step 6: After clicking on apply select the disabled in the option button thenclick the apply again then click ok button when finished.

The disabled button will make the policy into default, the computer will automatically configured it and becomes a default comfig which is the registry editor can be access by the user.

And Thats it... Try run the regedit.exe... Yayy!!

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