Detect Invisible Yahoo! Messenger Users

Have you ever been ignore in YM? Is your girl/boyfriend hide themself in invisible mode while they chatting with other not you? Frustrated? hehe.. dont you get worried, because vizgin here can help you trace them who in invisible mode, dont get cheated by them, find them now!!

3 Response to Detect Invisible Yahoo! Messenger Users

  1. ttp:// is the best Yahoo Invisible Detector ! Quick and 100 % Real Status !

    -Send voice messages in english and romanian ( NEW !!! )
    -You can remove yourself from another yahoo list ( NEW !!! )
    -FREE Yahoo Detector on Your Website/Blog ! ( NEW !!! )
    -See hi5 and facebook profile
    -Add new friends , send text messages , see the top visited and cheked profiles . Comment at your favorites profiles !

    Link here : : Spy Detect

  2. aandrr says:

    Incearca Status checker Merge perfect

  3. aandrr says:

    Invisible users on yahoo messenger can`t hide anymore | DETECTOR INVISIBLE or | WHO IS INVISIBLE

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