Announcement From Me

I'm Leaving....For A While.
Dear my blogger friends, I will not active for a couple days or maybe more, this is because that I've to go far away from the 'net', Mr. keyboard, Miss. mouse, Uncle Google, Untie. Yahoo and my Home Blogspot. Why? because I'm in treatment phase of Insomnia disease, weird ha? huhu yup, so weird and I thought it was a nothing, but after several years, its effected my life totally, change me to an undisciplinary man, that is just so scary. To my blogger friends, thank you for all the supporting, and even I'm not in active mode, please don't stop to visit my 'home', and wish me luck. TQ

P/s: I will come back with refreshment, lots of new Tips and Solutions, huhu Goodbye..

8 Response to Announcement From Me

  1. CikOrkid says:

    blik cepat ehy..

  2. get well soon...

  3. nk kena ziarah x nie.. klu ziarah dpt la apple semangkuk.. huhuhu..

    iEz.. walaupun baru2 nie apple kena kamu.. tapi xpe.. selagi blog nie ade kita sentiasa bertemu di ruangan maya..

    iEz.. cpt sembuh k.. gud luck.. hati2 ngan jarum k..

  4. mamakakak says:

    Semoga eiz suscess selalu..sunyi ler iez x datang lawat akak..jangan lame-lame..huuhuu

  5. mamakakak says:

    i'm leaving toooo
    just a couple days..

    ta ta

  6. mamakakak says:

    Cepat sembuh ye..jangan liat makan ubat tau..

  7. faizedz says:

    kawan... get well k... i need your help laaa.....

  8. Exorcist says:

    yhks guys, nak ngis la

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