GOOGLE CHROME: New Challenger has Coming!

Google's browser called Chrome is out of the box and of course, we had to take a look. So after a quick download and a quick install, we started to browse the web just to see how it feels. And right now, it doesn't feel very different from Firefox 3. Chrome might be a little faster, but it's hard to tell on a fast computer. Also, my Google Chrome does not have any plug-ins installed right now. Overall, the first impression is good. This is something that I will continue to play with, although I suspect that I will keep my Firefox 3 around until Chrome has equivalent plug-ins, which is the real value of Firefox.

Now there are all kinds of cool architectural ideas around Google Chrome, but right now, they don't matter so much to me. It's not like Firefox 3 is a horrible piece of junk that crashes every 10 minutes. The new architecture might pay off down the road, but right now, I don't see a strong case for switching.

There’s one highlight that we would like to point to: Chrome can consume considerably less memory than Firefox 3. In our tests. This means that Chrome might be more suitable for Nettops than Firefox, and this might be the most obvious benefit of Google’s software architecture for Chrome.

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Google Chrome Portable
Use Google Chrome wherever you go

Google Chrome has been very successful and everybody is very happy to try a new Internet experience given by google. It's ast, clean and free. However, people always want something else and now we offer you the portable version of the famous web browser.

Google Chrome Portable is the adaptation of Google Chrome to a portable environment. now you can enjoy the new Google application on the go. Enjoy your own settings wherever you go, store it in your USB stick and plug it in any computer.

By this way, Chrome expands itself to other computers, no matter if it's in the library or your relatives' house, plug-in your USB stick and run your own web browser.

Download Portable Google Chrome

2 Response to GOOGLE CHROME: New Challenger has Coming!

  1. izan says:

    iez, k zan dah cuba tapi ada yang k zan x blh download. ada tu k zan download ia keluar sampai 10 perkara...popup .-mozilla. - tapi tak pe... k zan x reti ni kott..hehe.

  2. iez dah update link kak. try la

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